American Physiological Society

American Physiological Society

David S. Bruce Awards For Excellence In Undergraduate Research

This award is given for outstanding research in physiology.  The student is required to be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the time of application, as well as during the time of the Experimental Biology annual meeting.  The applicant is required to be the first author on a submitted abstract for the Experimental Biology meeting.  The applicant is also required to be working with an American Physiological Society member  who  confirms that the student is entitled to first authorship.

Academic Disciplines/Professional Aspirations: Health and Medical Sciences.

Award: This award is for use during freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior years.  This award is not renewable.  Number: The number of prizes awarded is 6 to 10.  Amount: The amount of the prizes awarded is up to $500.

Requirements for Eligibility: The applicant is required to be enrolled or anticipating to enroll full-time  at a four-year college or university.  This school scholarship is accessible to United States citizens and non-United States citizens.

Requirements for Application: Application, first author abstract, personal references, and essay composition.


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