Cash for Computer Science

Cash for Computer ScienceThere are probably many young people out there that are looking to follow in the footsteps of people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.  For those students to achieve this goal, they will need to have a firm understanding of computers and programming.  For some, college is the first logical step.  For those who are in need of financial help, there are scholarships for computer science.  With these, students have a fighting chance of reaching billionaire status.

40th Year Scholarship

This computer science scholarship is available through NC State University’s Computer Science department.  It was created through contributions and proceeds from an online charity auction in celebration of the department’s 40th anniversary.  This is a nonrenewable scholarship that is awarded to one student who is in their sophomore year or higher.  This student must show academic excellence and have a GPA of 3.00 or higher. (

CSSE Industrial Advisory Board Annual Scholarship for First Year Undergraduate Students in Computer Science and Software Engineering

This scholarship is available through Auburn University’s Samuel Gin College of Engineering.  This computer science scholarship is only available to freshman students who have declared their area of study to be in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Wireless Software Engineering.  Samuel Gin College of Engineering also offers two other awards, with the CSSE Undergraduate NSF S-STEM Scholarships being available only to legal permanent US residents. (

CGI Computer Science Scholarship

This particular computer science scholarship was created as a result of the Virginia Tech. shootings.  After the tragic events, employees of CGI made contributions to establish this scholarship in hopes that it would help draw students back to the college.  This award is given to a student who is in their junior or senior year and have demonstrated academic promise and merit.  Students must have experience in community service, show financial need, and be available for a summer internship with CGI. (

National Instruments

This computer science scholarship is available through Brigham Young University’s College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and awards one student with $2,245.  Applicants must be majoring in computer science and have a 3.0+ GPA.  In order to attain this award, a student must apply to be nominated by the Computer Science department.  Around 30 other scholarships and grants are offered through the school and other organizations. (

CS Scholars

Incoming freshman and transfer students to the University of Illinois Chicago Computer Science Department can apply for s scholarship that can amount up to $10,000.  These are awarded to students whose financial needs are not met for school.  In order to renew these awards, students must show and maintain academic progress.  This computer science scholarship shows preference to women, African-American, Latinos, Native Americans, and other underrepresented students in the field of computer science. (

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